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Meet the parents:



Bo is Ice's brother & lives in Idaho with Willow & Stella, he is a pleaser for sure & very well natured. Bo is the biggest Stud he weighs approx. 90 lbs.


Chief  is the whitest sire with strait fur, he is expected to be approximately 80 lbs., definitely a eye turner,  he always has a smile on his face, such a sweet boy, he is being raised with a family that has 2 young boys, he is extremely gentle.


Cotton is now retired

Cotton is now retired

Cotton is 1 of our beatiful Damns, she came to us the most furry & cutest, everyone who saw her wanted to buy her on the spot, she has the most amazing personlity, loves being outdoors & playing all day long, almost pure white, expected to be approximately 60 lbs. 


Stella is one of our dams 

located in Idaho, she is sister to Ellie & Willow, she lives in a farmlike setting, she loves to snuggle & wishes she was a lap dog ( all 3 sisters puppies would have great potential for therapy/comfort companions), she is off white & will be approximately 70 lbs. 


Ellie is 1 of our precious dams,  sister to Willow & Stella, she has proven to be highly intelligent, she is also the biggest lover of the bunch, she loves to give hugs & be with her people, (1 of the 3 sisters that their puppies would have great potential for therapy/comfort dogs).

Ellie has beautiful coloring which is off white, she is expected to be approximately 65 lbs. 


Willow is located in Idaho with her sister Stella (also sister of Ellie) & with Bo , again these 3 sisters are great candidates for therapy/comfort puppies, she is a gorgeous off white color & weighs approximately 70 lbs.


Diamond is the younger sister of Cotton (same Mom & Dad, just different litter).  We fell in love with Cottons looks & personality so decided we needed another one, we weren't disappointed, besides Diamond's beautiful looks she has the sweetest & most gentle personality, we are so glad to have her a part of our family & so is her sister Cotton. Diamond will be approximately 60 lbs.


Buster is A striking AKC Standard Poodle, he is the sire for our Goldendoodle litters.


QTip & Charmin are sisters  & so hard to tell apart, they have the most amazing personalities & of course, gorgeous,. They are our newest girls at Riverside English Cream Retrievers & we just couldn't be more happy with them. They will be ready to have puppies the end of 2022.

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