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Below is a copy of our contract for you to preview :

Riverside English Cream Retriever Puppy Sale Agreement

DATE OF AGREEMENT_________________


5021 Riverside Ave.

Everett, WA 98201

Congratulations on the purchase of your new family member/puppy!

1) Seller agrees to sell to Buyer & Buyer agrees to purchase from Seller a puppy whelped on

DOB_________________ with the AKC registration Litter Registration #                           

(for English Creams)

The Sire and Dam of puppy are:



2) Buyer will pay to Seller the sum of $2,000.00 as the full purchase price of the puppy. Buyer

will pay to Seller a non-refundable deposit of $400.00 at the time of execution of this agreement

& will be immediately put on waiting list in order of who paid 1st, and will pay the balance at the

time Buyer picks up the puppy.  Buyer will come get their puppy and pay the balance on the date

both parties agree on when seller has notified Buyer that their puppy is ready to be picked up. 

Puppy will be dewormed, receive 1st shots & examined by vet to make sure he/she is in good

health. Puppy will be sold with a limited AKC registration (for English Creams).  Buyer agrees to

get he/she fixed when their vet feels it is best for the puppy, at which time when we have proof, we

will give you your AKC papers (for English Creams).  If you want unlimited AKC registration (for

English Creams) it will be at a extra fee which will be determined by Seller & allowed at Sellers


3) The puppy is sold to Buyer and Buyer purchases and accepts the puppy in “as is” condition and

Seller makes no guarantee of warranties, express or implied, concerning the health of the puppy

except as expressly and specifically set forth as follows:

a) Buyer will have the puppy examined by Buyers licensed Veterinarian within 7 days after Buyer

has picked up the puppy from Seller (excluding weekends). If Buyer’s Veterinarian determines the

puppy to have a serious illness or congenital defect, Buyer may return the puppy to Seller for another

puppy (1st puppy available that has not already been reserved & deposit made), not a refund,

provided the puppy is in the same condition as at the time of delivery and provided Buyer delivers to

Seller a verified letter from the Veterinarian of Buyer confirming that the puppy has serious illness or

congenital defect which existed in the puppy at the time it was removed from Seller’s premises. This

is subject to confirmation by Sellers choice of Veterinarians. The Seller doesn’t guarantee against

possible infection of the puppy by common parasites or protozoa (eg: Giradia Lamblia, toxocara canis,

toxocara leonina, Ascaris caninum, coccidia Isospora).

b) Seller guarantees that for a period of one (1) year from the date of birth of the puppy, the puppy will

not have or develop hereditary heart defects, hip dysplasia and/or cataracts. This guarantee is non-

transferable. If the Buyer's Veterinarian determines the puppy to have any of the said conditions, the

Buyer must have the condition confirmed by the OFA, Cert or Cerf. Seller will provide a new puppy for

Buyer, not a refund, provided Buyer delivers to Seller a verified letter from Buyers Veterinarian

confirming that the puppy has one or more such conditions, additionally all test results from OFA, Cert

or Cerf must also be submitted. The Seller furthermore reserves the right to have the puppy examined

by Veterinarian of their choice to confirm the diagnosis. If Seller does not have a selection of puppies at

the time of any such claim, Buyer will be given the opportunity to select a puppy from the Sellers 1st

puppies available that has not already been reserved & deposit made. Any surgical or medical procedures

will be done at the Seller's discretion.

4) The Buyer is not required but is highly recommended to enroll in an obedience class with their puppy.

The Seller does not guarantee the puppy against behavioral problems.

5) If for any reason the Buyer can’t keep the puppy, Seller reserves the first right of refusal. If Buyer for

any reason can’t keep you puppy/dog, please contact us first before placing the puppy in another home or


6) The puppy shall be given adequate shade and housing and shall be properly and sufficiently fed a good

diet/food & water. The Buyer will make sure the puppy is up to date on all it's vaccines/shots & vet visits,

The Buyer will also keep records just in case at any time the Seller needs information on the welfare of the

puppy. The puppy shall not be neglected or mistreated in any way.

7) Reasonable precautions shall be taken by Buyer to prevent the acquiring any hereditary faults. No

treadmilling, jogging, standing on back legs or excessive ball chasing or retrieving should be done with this

puppy/dog prior to two

(2) years. No hard exercise, rough playing, or extensive running with adults, children or other animals

should be allowed. Restrict the puppy’s exercise to sensible activities (brief short walks) and discourage

jumping activities. Owner understands that extended and exhaustive playing with older dogs, or forced

exercise can actually cause joint and bone problems because of soft tissue development, until the age of

two (2) years.

8) Seller warrants that s/he is the lawful owner of the puppy, that the puppy is free from all encumbrances

and s/he has the right to sell the puppy. Seller will defend the title to the puppy from all lawful claims and


9) In the unlikely event that litigation is necessary, both parties agree that all litigation will be held in

Everett, Snohomish County, Washington.

10) Buyer has read and understands all of the terms and provisions contained in this agreement. Buyer

understands that the terms and provisions contained constitute a binding agreement and constitutes the entire

agreement of the parties with respect to the sale and purchase of the puppy.

11) Buyer agrees to send as many updates & photos s/he desires, but at least 1 per year of the puppy so

Seller can see how cute/happy the puppy is doing & to keep in touch. Buyer agrees to let Seller use updates

& photos for any purpose.

Please send updates & photos to

Dated:_________________________ Dated:_______________________

______________________________ _____________________________

(Seller’s signature) (Buyer’s signature)

______________________________ _____________________________

(Seller’s signature) (Buyer’s signature)

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