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Pure Bred English Cream Retrievers

Puppies are $2000.00, reserve yours with a down payment of $400.00 (non-refundable) and we will put your name on the list, 1st come/pay 1st serve basis. We reserve a certian amount of puppies per litter depending on how many we estimate that particular dam will have, if we have less puppies then expected, the people on that list who didn't receive a puppy will be put on top of the list for next available litter, if we have more puppies then expected, the people on top of the next list have the option of getting a puppy sooner. Effective as of 4/20/23, anyone who reserves a puppy & is placed on waiting list for a specific litter/spot after this date needs to give notification before that litter's due date if they want to make any changes so we can have ample time to place puppies. When we reserve a puppy it means that spot is yours & no potential customer can take it, this is why it is very important & failure to do so will be a additional $250 fee & there will be no guarantee to be put in the best position for a future litter. We will try to accommodate to the best of our abilities based on each individual circumstances.  


Pearl & Chief

Diamond & Ice's litter born on 7/14/22

Diamond & Ice's litter born on 7/14/22

QTip & Ice's puppies born on 10/4/22

Charmin & Ice's litter born on 10/7/22

Willow & Chief's litter born on 11/30/22


We typically only have litters from May to December & take a break from January to the end of April. Our future litters have been calculated to the best of our knowledge, please keep in mind these are approximate litters & dates, it is not 100% & could change. It is time to get on the list & reserve your future puppy!


2 Updates:

Cassie & Chief's litter was born on September 5th , they had 8 beautiful girls , also Rain and Chief's litter was born on Sept. 10th, they had 7 gorgeous puppies (4 girls and 3 boys), both litters will be combined and ready for adoption the end of October.


1) Reserved  TD (girl, Guardian Angel)

2) Sally (girl) moved back, see notes *

3) Scott and Erin (girl)

4) Lana D. (girl)

5) Reserved Doug (girl)

6) Julie F. (girl)

7) Dawn J. (girl) Hevin's bday

8) Brenda B. (girl)



9) Yonitte (girl)

10) Robbie (girl)

11) Available (girl)

12) Available (girl)

13) Robert C. (boy) See notes *

14) Available (boy)

15) Available (boy)




We will be having a few litters ready to adopted at Christmas time, for those of you that are looking for special holiday gift/ puppy, now is the time to make your reservation.



1st litter will be QTip & Ice's puppies due the end of October and ready for adoption by Christmas. 


1) Guardian Angel available (girl)

2) Shawnee (boy) PU 12/21-12/24* see notes

3) Julie A. (big girl)

4) Elaina (girl)

5) Available

6) Available

2nd litter will be Charmin & Ice's puppies due the beginning of November & ready for adoption by CHRISTMAS.


1) Guardian angel available (girl)

2) Available 

3) Available

4) Available 

5) Available

6) Available 

* Might have 1 more litter at Christmas time- I will update my website accordingly.



GA-Sugar & Chief/H mid May

GA-Sage 1//23 & Chief 8/23

GA-Lilly & Chief/July

GA-Cassie & Chief/July

Storm & Ice-June

Rain & Ice-June

Freja & Chief-May 7/24

Picnic & Chief 7/24

Diamond & Ice's litter bon 7/14/22

Charmin & QTip when they were puppies

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