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We have had a lot of interest in retired Dams & Sires so we have decided to make a waiting list.  Dams on average will have 4 litters & when they are approximitely 4 1/2 years old will retire & be ready for their new forever homes, Sires retire approximately at 10 years & most likely stay with us his remaining years (there could be circumstances where either a Dam or Sire will retire early if breeding with them doesnt work out for a variety of reasons).   Our retired Dams & Sires will be spayed/neutered & updated on shots. The adoption fee is $1,200.00

We are very attatched to our breeding family & of course want nothing but the best for them, so if you feel you are up for the task & this is of interest to you please notify us so we can see if you would be a good match.

English Creams:

1.  Beth C. 

2.  Chris A.

3.  Mike & Bernadette *

4.  Julie *

5. Nhimy

6.  Lauren & Josh

7. Shubha

8. Asya K. 

9. Amy W.

10. Harriet A.

English Goldendoodles:

1. Lauren & Josh

2. Pam B. (3/4 P 1/4 C) *

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